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Report on the ADAS mission in Stuttgart (05/29/2019)

On the 29th of May 2019 was held a cooperation day in Stuttgart between French and German companies around the topic of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The one-day mission was organised within the framework of the partnership signed between Mov’eo and e-mobil Baden-Württemberg back in November 2018 (on the occasion of the Imagine Mobility Meetings 2018).

Throughout the day, Mov’eo and e-mobil BW managed the exchanges between the Groupement ADAS and the German Working Group ‘Intelligent Move’. Both clusters intervened too, alongside Baden-Württemberg International, Bpifrance and AiF Projekt GmbH.

The main objective for French participating SMEs was to familiarise with the Baden-Württemberg mobility ecosystem and, most importantly, to initiate concrete collaborations with the German stakeholders met.

The event was organised in different sessions:

The morning was dedicated to the presentation of the e-mobil BW cluster (cooperation with Mov’eo, facts & figures, ongoing ADAS projects, etc.) followed up by an insight into the Baden-Württemberg current mobility trends, by Baden-Württemberg International.
After the presentation of the Central Innovation programme for SMEs by Bpifrance and AIF Projekt GmbH, a networking lunch was set up for further informal exchanges.
Second part of the day allowed each participant to present their structures, products and/or services. A round table workshop dedicated to highly automated driving took place, addressing two technical sub-topics:
Conception, simulation and testing of ADAS systems
Embedded systems, vehicle communication and artificial intelligence

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